“The Bangalore Song” goes viral

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“The Bangalore Song” goes viral

16.07.2017   ffva   News & Events   No comments

FFVA’s 2016-17 project ‘Bangalore Song’ literally took its audience by a storm with views crossing over a million and viewers humming its tune all around. Directed by Naman Soni & Abhilesh Jadhav, it’s a project to be remembered long. It became an instant hit with Bangaloreans from across the world sharing it and talking about it. So much so, that it got covered in publications such as Bangalore Times, Newsminute , Suvarna News and many more. Radio channels like BIG FM too had the team and students going on air and talking about it. Karnataka Tourism Department too had a special screening, loving the novelty about the song. The response has made this project a benchmark for any future Bangalore song.

Immense efforts and perseverance went in planning this project, which was one of the toughest ones to execute. Three months of pre production went in just locking the script, planning the locations, content, visual style. etc. Shoot used to begin at 4 in the morning, with FFVA students team roaming in all streets of Bangalore, shooting hyper lapses, people, making them sing and dance and bring out the true essence of the city. This schedule went on for about a month, soon after which followed the post production.

From getting the stock footage from Government officials to getting every frame right, many sleepless nights have gone into bringing this project to limelight. Color grading happened in Mumbai’s leading postproduction studio. Sitting right along with the colorist, watching every frame becoming beautiful was an immense learning experience for students.

For all the kind of efforts put, the response was just what it deserved!


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