Film Investment & Distribution

At FFVA, we guide you every single step that you need to be aware of, once your film is ready.

Every team needs a leader and a producer is every movie’s leader. Considering how today’s film industry is shaping up, a producer is so much more than just a moneylender or the ‘money guy’.

Today a smart producer is a creative businessman who understands the nuances of filmmaking as much as he understands the distribution process.

At FFVA, the film investment and film distribution course process highlights every single thing that you need to be aware of, once your film is ready. The journey starting from the film completion to booking the right theatre screens will be covered for over a week.

Duration: 1 Week
One week will have a lot of speakers ranging from Indian film directors, producers, distributors and business experts who will share the immediate trends and market expectations.

Which business strategies can lead to a win-win formula, thought process to be invested at the time of movie production, the realistic ROI expectations and much more useful insights will be discussed in the allotted hours.



Monday to Thursday, 3 hrs/day

Morning and evening batches available

Module 1


Introduction to the Indian Film Industry.  Drafting a business plan for the film. Sample of contracts, schedules and daily budget sheets used in the industry. Pros and cons of the existing business model. DO’s and DON’Ts as an investor/producer. The secret trade techniques to make your film a commercial box office success and establish your production house worldwide throughout Indian cinema.

Month 2


You will have plans to invest/produce a film in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu or any other Indian language. Specialized sessions will be conducted with the real industry business models. The nuances to take your film to theaters with a good reach to the target audience. Importance of collaboration with leading distributors for your movie.

Guest Speakers

Film business experts, distributors, line producers and producers from Bollywood and the Southern film industry would share their information and experience about investing in films and how to get the perfect film distribution pitch.

What you’ll graduate with

  • A certificate in film investment & distribution
  • Contact to genuine and professional writers, directors, line producers and production managers to handle your project
  • Contact to efficient distributors

*This course is applicable only to the investors/producers who want to enter the Indian Film industry.

Fee & Dates

One Week

Indian national

Rs. 32,000


The course will be conducted for an individual or a group.

Based on the request, dates will be fixed.

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