Bollywood Business – An insight
ffva | 30 May
Born in 1980’s, yes I always belonged to a section of society which considered going to cinema is nothing but
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Artistry of Art Direction
ffva | 6 April
And am back.with film shoot over and post production work going on all hand in hand.wo!! Just miss the madness
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confessions of filmmaker part-1
ffva | 28 October

It’s not everyday that you sit and write honest confessions about cinema and the things behind…and that too just few

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ffva | 19 May

Television is no longer the ugly stepsister of the entertainment industry. Of writers making money in show biz, the Writers

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content affects vs visual effects
ffva | 18 May

While flipping the pages of Times of India newspaper on May 10, 2012, I came across this article ‘Give comrades

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multicamera setup tips techniques
ffva | 9 March

First when I saw the hustle and bustle in the FFVA studio floor, it looked nothing less than the actual television

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