And thus we make ads…
ffva | 27 October

A good advertisement is nothing more than a story, which stays back in your heart, connects your emotional chord and

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Getting color grading the right way
ffva | 23 April
We have travelled a long distance, since black and white era. When color came in, DPs lighting style changed completely.
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Understanding 4K for filmmaking
ffva | 10 November
In recent years digital cinema has quickly progressed towards 4K and beyond. Firstly let’s understand what we mean by the
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Cinematography & Film Lighting – Learnt as a Craft!!
ffva | 10 February
The specialization semester for the students of Flash Frame Visuals Academy of Film & Television, Bangalore, India, began with a
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Lessons learnt on-sets – Filmmaking students
ffva | 18 November
2013 Diploma in Digital Filmmaking batch began with full enthusiasm. Things seemed too easy and then they were announced about
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Pre Production – What happens in the Film Industry?
ffva | 18 August
The pre production stage is the foundation or root for any film. More the time spent and good the pre
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