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screenwriting tips
ffva | 6 December

In one word if I am asked to describe pre-production …it is nothing but solely planning. Planning how to put

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pg diploma in film technology
ffva | 2 December

They say books are nothing but thoughts put together in words. Same is the case with film too. Film is

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cinematography with canon eos 5d mark
ffva | 26 November

The Canon EOS 5D Mark II is a 21.1-megapixel full-frame CMOS digital single-lens

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writing for comedy
ffva | 1 October

Each time I come across any script, I can feel the amount of hard work that has been put into

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filmmaking charlie chaplin way
ffva | 5 September

When we talk about early Directors, how can we not mention Mack Senett, of keystone Kop fame, who took comedy

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interpreting script basics
ffva | 25 August

Now you are done with first draft of your Script. All your characters, situations, and conflict is all set. You

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common qs and as of script writing
ffva | 2 August

As a scriptwriter one should give more importance to the plot not the character. Scriptwriting is just about writing the

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convocation 2011
ffva | 17 July

What do you call a moment where you walk down your nostalgic lane, in presence of people with whom you

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teamwork works
ffva | 6 July

It was just like any other project day, deadlines at the peak, camera in hand, eyes set on the subject,

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week that was all about film production
ffva | 2 July

The day used to start little earlier than usual, it used to end way more later, though eyes used to

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